The Gateway PGA REACH Foundation is in the process of transforming a 23-acre EPA Super Fund industrial site on North Grand Blvd, one of St. Louis’ most at-risk neighborhoods. Phase One began in 2014 as a 7-acre driving range. In partnership with the adjacent Herbert Hoover Boys & Girls Club, the property will be developed into a Youth & Community Complex with opportunities that include golf. Through this complex, programming including PGA Jr. League, PGA HOPE, inclusion programs, as well as other programs that impact lives, will take place.

Why is the Gateway PGA REACH Foundation pursuing the development of this site?
A major reason the 100th PGA Championship was held in St. Louis was because of the idea that a major Championship can be leveraged to create lasting sustainable impact in a local community.  That idea included a vision to transform an EPA SuperFund Site found in one of St. Louis’ most challenged areas into a multi-acre parcel of land benefiting the youth and community of North St. Louis.

 Where is this site located?
The site is located on North Grand, adjacent to the Herbert Hoover Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis.  It is approximately 1 mile north of the Fox Theatre.  This was the site of the former Carter Carburetor Factory which sat idle for over 30 years.  We are pleased to say that the site is completely cleaned of all contaminants through the EPA Superfund.

What are you building on the site?
The project scope and features will depend on funding, so specifics are not yet finalized.  Site development is in partnership with the Herbert Hoover Boys & Girls Club of Greater St Louis, who will help shape the plans as they ultimately own the complex.  We envision a mixed-use space with year-round recreational offerings for youth and potentially veterans as well.  The space may include a limited flight driving range and 4 golf holes, a putt-putt course, short game practice area, large multi-purpose field, walking & workout trails, frisbee golf, playground and more.

 What’s the fundraising goal and where are you going to generate the commitments?
Preliminary renderings indicate capital and endowment costs between $5 and $7 million.  Annual operating/upkeep costs could vary widely, depending on how the space is allocated and what programming is delivered.  Above all, the complex must be sustainable financially.  PGA REACH has already received generous donations from individuals and corporations, giving us confidence that the goal can be realized.  PGA REACH plans to initiate a capital campaign in 2021.

 What is the timeline for this site?
The EPA completed all remediation in May of 2020 and turned over the property to the Boys & Girls Club at the EPA Celebration and Press Conference on September 16, 2020. We will soon gain access to the property with plans to begin development.

 If this site is built in North St Louis, how do you plan to sustain it into the future?
The scope and sustainability of the site will have much to do with the ability to successfully fundraise.  Our leadership is committed to building only what we are confident can be sustained.

How can I support this effort?

We plan to launch a Capital Campaign in 2021 and every dollar will help!  Donations are already being accepted, however, and can be made by going to and select “Site Development Capital Campaign”.

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