The Gateway PGA REACH Foundation is excited to announce a partnership with LIFT23, a premium sock company that is committed to a social mission.  LIFT23 will support the local PGA HOPE programs, Helping Our Patriots Everywhere, which help veterans assimilate back into their communities through the social interaction and therapeutic attributes the game of golf provides.  Led by PGA Professionals, PGA HOPE programs are held in partnership with area VA Hospitals, VFW Posts and PGA Golf Facilities throughout Central and Eastern Missouri.

About LIFT23

For every pair of socks sold in the Gateway PGA Section, LIFT23 will donate $1 to our local PGA HOPE efforts.  LIFT23, whose motto is “Performance Perfected”, develops sport-specific performance socks and is committed to giving back to its community and helping local PGA Facilities.

“We’re excited that LIFT23 has stepped up to help support PGA HOPE. It takes a true collaboration of people and organizations to help heal our Veterans.”-Chris Nowak, PGA of America PGA HOPE Director.

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