Several PGA REACH students took a trip to Chicago, IL to tour area colleges and universities in August.  For many students, this wasn’t only their first time visiting a college campus, but their first time leaving St. Louis.  Through the PGA REACH programs at Urban K-Life, these students earned the opportunity to go on this trip through academic performance and engagement with PGA REACH programs.

Read about their trip through the eyes of Jerome Harris, PGA REACH Coordinator at Urban K-Life:


“This college trip was great because some of our students were very impressed with the institution of the University of Illinois Chicago to the point one student who wants to major in computer engineering has decided that this was the school for him. These college trips are important for our REACH kids to attend because these are some of the only opportunities for them to actually go outside of the state and city limits to have the ability to choose their institution of choice. We also had the opportunity to visit RR Donnelley, one of the world’s leaders in logistics. We try to expose our students not only to colleges but also to corporations so they can see where they could possibly end up after college. They were amazed at the diversity of the city and the culture of the downtown atmosphere: people dancing, playing music, and posing as mannequins. One of the greatest highlights of this tour was when the kids had a sit-down with Mr. Raymond Dennis, Mrs. Sue Keough, and Mr. Partha Sarathy where the students had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Sarathy talk about how he came to the United States from India with just the clothes on his back. He struggled through college and take a job that no one else wanted to be able to be in the position that he is now as a corporate executive. His message to the students was that they must work hard and never give up no matter how tough they have it because ‘Eventually, you will arrive at your destiny.’ ”

-Jerome Harris