PGA REACH Orientation at Clyde C. Miller Career Academy High School

A record-breaking 60 students signed up to participate in the PGA REACH after-school program at Urban K-Life.  These Freshman and Sophomores, students at Clyde C. Miller Career Academy High School, raised their hand to join a program that will push them beyond they comfort zone, give them tools to grow through personal development, and connect them with opportunities to excel inside the classroom and prepare them for success outside the classroom.

PGA REACH after school programs average 40 hours a month of positive activities that fill students’ idle time in a structured, safe, and positive environment.  New Student Orientation, held on September 20th started off with a 2 hour welcome event to unveil the year’s program, foster open communication and introductions of new and returning students, and enjoy a fun evening of food and games.

Welcome new students!