On Thursday, October 25th, we celebrated the conclusion of our PGA HOPE Golf League at Arlington Greens Golf Course with the Annual PGA HOPE Patriot Cup. The Patriot Cup is an event to celebrate the PGA HOPE Veterans that participated in the program throughout the year, as well as the PGA Professionals and everyone else that played a vital role in the success of the program. The Patriot Cup is a 9-hole Ryder Cup format event in which the PGA HOPE Veterans and PGA Professionals were split into different teams, led by the two team captains, Jerry Hitzhusen and Dany Baker, who most of our PGA HOPE Veterans have known for years. The president of our Gateway PGA REACH Foundation, Ozzie Smith, made an appearance and helped us hand out the awards and witness firsthand the power of the PGA HOPE Program and how it has helped improved the lives of veterans.


Golfer of the Year: Joe Kubasta
Division 2 Champion: Jackie Robinson
Division 3 Champion: Josh Aldrich
PGA HOPE Veteran of the Year: Bob Rasberry
Veteran’s Choice Award: Fernando Molina
2018 PGA HOPE Sam Gilliland Inspirational Award: Sam Gilliland

Other Recognitions:

Herman Lugge, Mark Marcuzzo & Brian Maine

2018 PGA HOPE Patriot Cup Winners

Blue Team: Jerry Hitzhusen;  Kevin Schaeffer, PGA, Sandy Berger, Sam Gilliland, PGA, Gary York, Mike Suhre, PGA, John Muehling, Mitchell Smith, PGA, Dan LeBrun, Jon DePriest, PGA, Larry Brown, Mike Meyers, Mike Street, Joe Dildine, James Franks, Bill Richards, Famous McKinney, Fernando Molina, David Hladyshewski, Nick Wiegers, John Ludwinski, Jeff Hupp, Daniel Meloney, Tom Sorrell, Charles Lester, Wayne Pullen, Terry Nauman, Tim Yandal, Ron Chitty, Armand Kleb, Larry Brooks, Bill Benson.