Tim Krause from the PGA HOPE program at Pasfield & Bergen Golf Courses in Springfield IL

Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you served, (I.E. Branch of Service and years served)? 

US Army, 25 years (1988-2013)

Could you tell us any special stories from your time of service?

4 combat deployments; as a SSG, chosen over 7 SFC to serve as 1SG for 6 months; received the prestigious ‘Defuzilier’ Award while working with the EOD community; 86 jumps over 12 years as a Paratrooper.

How long have you been in the PGA HOPE League and how long have you played golf?  Have you made and built new relationships through the PGA HOPE League?

2018 was my first year in the PGA Hope League been playing golf since I was around 9-10, so this year marks close to my 40th year golfing. (Still have yet to attain a hole in one, though I came to within about 2 ft in September!!) I was glad to build some new relationships this year that I hope can be built on in years to come.

What does PGA HOPE mean to you?

It’s Veterans getting together to enjoy some golf and each other’s company. Common ground without having to say a word, helping us work thru our various challenges and disabilities.

What is your favorite part about PGA HOPE?

By far, having the honor of participating in the 2018 Secretaries Cup. It was an experience I’ll never forget and one I hope to repeat in the future.