Gateway PGA HOPE Graduates

Upon successfully completing a 6 to 8-week PGA HOPE program, veterans become “PGA HOPE Graduates”. A PGA HOPE Program is deemed successfully completed by attending of at least 65% of the program’s scheduled golf clinics. (Please note that the Gateway PGA REACH Foundation reserves the right to adjust the requirement limit based on inclement weather.) Veteran attendance is tracked throughout each program by Gateway PGA staff and/or the VA staff.

At the conclusion of each Gateway PGA HOPE program, there is a graduation ceremony to award & celebrate the veterans graduating from the program. During the graduation ceremony, the new graduates receive a graduation certificate  and a PGA HOPE Graduate Card.

Please see below are for all the advantages offered to Gateway PGA HOPE graduates with PGA HOPE cards.

1. Gateway PGA HOPE Cup

At the conclusion of each year, the Gateway PGA REACH Foundation is proud to host its Annual Gateway PGA HOPE Cup. The HOPE Cup is a day of golf comradery and celebration of our nation’s heroes.

This event is OPEN ONLY to Gateway PGA HOPE Program graduates and is free of cost. Please click here for more information.

2. Gateway PGA HOPE Graduate Volunteering

The Gateway PGA REACH Foundation invites PGA HOPE graduates to participate in select volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Please click here for more information.

3. PGA HOPE Card Discounts

PGA HOPE Graduates may access a variety of golf related discounts across the Gateway PGA’s Section Boundaries by showing their PGA HOPE Cards. See below for current PGA HOPE Card discounts.

  • Topgolf St. Louis (% off)
  • Golf Galaxy (% off)
  • More to come! Stay tuned!

Please note that discounts are determined by the golf facility and not by the Gateway PGA REACH Foundation.

Questions? Please Contact:

Cameron Dinkins – Gateway PGA | 636-486-4059