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Responsible and Sustainable Travel

We at Sego Tours believe that each destination has its own way of life which can otherwise be called its 'essence' and it is the knowledge of this 'essence' which makes the real difference in each tour.

So do we believe that 'journeys are made by the people you travel with'; which makes us keen in focusing on even the minute detail while planning your group tour. All efforts are made to make como obtener una tarjeta de credito your independent tours truly memorable by designing the tour covering all your expectations. Founded on the concept of 'friendliness', Sego Tours is where you can always turn up any time for your travel and touring needs. Here, we do not just book hotels, cabs and flights, but we extend pre and post tour assistances whenever you need it. We will also respond to queries about your tour and on all those services involved in the tour. It is our pleasure and honor to serve you right and promptly.


Who pulled Vasco da Gama to Kozhikode (Calicut) ? - Our story.

Perhaps the most memorable days in everyone's life are those touring days. It's?satisfying to travel as we desire to and distressing to limit yourself to the tour designed?by others without keeping you in mind. It will be a wonderful experience to travel with?someone passionate about it and are friendly at heart. This is our story.?

We a husband and wife duo, the promoters of Sego Tours hail from Ernakulam?district in central Kerala. In our early thirties, as part of teaching career, we settled in?Kozhikode in Northern Kerala. Accompanying students in their study tours was part of?our job. We had a special taste for travel, we toured across India and conducted many?tour for others. Touring is our passion.?

Presently we live in Thiruvananthapuram, the State capital of Kerala; but the?friendliness of the people of Kozhikode is fresh in our memories. It had made such an?impact on us that when we decided to brand our tour operations, we wanted it to be?based on friendliness. It is there in everything they do; be it in offering a cup of tea or?in serving a delicious biriyani or in playing football. This explains why Kozhikode is a?hub of people speaking different languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Arabic, English etc. It is?only natural that Kozhikode is the hometown of the renowned novelist and travelogue?writer S.K. Pottakkatt. We feel that it was the people of Kozhikode who pulled Vasco da?Gama to the shores of Kappad. We delight every customer with our friendly services?and attention to finer details. We love to spread the friendliness of Kozhikode to all our?customers through our dedicated services. Sego Tours is founded and firmly based on?the concept of friendliness.


The Entity

Tourists' Nest LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership formed in January 2014.

Our promoters have had years of experience in the field of traveling, in whose minds the idea of forming a new entity with distinct set of values was brimming, which ultimately resulted in the formation Tourists' Nest LLP.

Sego Tours is its brand.

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